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King of Europa


Tired of plain old ho-hum battles?Itching for the rush of nonstop territorial expansion and extending the might of your domain?Do you think you have what it takes to do better than historical pioneers in ruling the world?King of Europe is a Massive Multi-Player On-Line Simulation Game(MMOSLG) that pits you against the global players in a concerted effort to divide and conquer! Experience an open world where players from all over the world can gather and battle against one another. Each battle waged could be the next frontline of a global war! Draw up borders, set up defencelines, and force your enemies to succumb to the sheer might of your empire![Features]
◆BattlefieldsWage real-time war in endless expanses of open-world battlefields. All players join a single battlefield, where a series of skirmishes can ignite the sparks of a war on a major scale!◆CombatEach with their own unique troops and epic heroes. Thousands of skill combinations, changing battlefields and weathers make for immersive battles that require strategy!◆Military HallCompete with each other in Military Hall. The system instantly matches real players who are about to duel based on same military strength in different weather and landform conditions. Are you a hero or a new recruit? We will see!◆CityCity development doesn't mean monotonously upgrading buildings. Players need to dispatch servants to complete internal affairs systematically and enhance their City's comprehensive strength. Grinding servants help develop the empire.◆Legendary EquipmentCaesar, Cyrus the Great, Alexander, Attila, Hannibal...Hundreds of heroes' legendary equipment are waiting for you. Equip your heroes with armor of honor. They will fight to death for you on battlefields.◆DomainWhat separates kingdoms are a wealth of cities and provinces. Defeat your enemies and gain land in your ever-growing expansion!Establish defence lines, guard your walls and protect your citizens from treachery!◆CountryRelive the lives of the aristocracy of medieval Europe, where your fellow men and their lords discuss kingdom affairs that will affect their very futures!